Major Flooding: Sled Island Update

Due to unforseen circumstances, Sled Island and the rest of Calgary have seen their Thursday turned completely upside down after torrential downpours both upstream and here in the city have flooded the Elbow and Bow Rivers, spilling over their banks and causing the evacuation of tens of thousands of citizens.
Sled volunteers are doing everything in their power to move and reschedule affected events tonight, and are keeping people updated through their Twitter feed and a blog on their web site.
As it currently stands, the East Village Block Party on the Riverwalk Plaza has been cancelled due to it’s proximity to the swollen river. Cancellations due to community-wide evacuations have included Jerusalem In My Heart, Pete Swanson and Eric Chenaux show at National Music Centre; Dragon Fli Empire, Obey The Crooks, Cove Tpada and RapX show at the New Black; and The Night Marchers, Dent May, Lab Coast and Calvin Love show at Golden Age Club.
Not all shows have been cancelled, however. The Superchunk show originally scheduled for the Republik has been moved to the so-far unaffected Flames Central; the Ironwood acts have been moved to The Globe Cinema; and shows set for Bamboo have shifted to the Local 510 Parking Lot.
Unfortunately, some bands have had to cancel themselves, including White Lung, Skip Jensen and B-Lines.
“We had not anticipated the neighbourhood evacuations,” says Grace Jones with REQUIEM Media, on behalf of the event. “Please do accept our humblest apologies and thank you for understanding. Should any refunds be required, we will be in touch shortly.”
Trevor P. (88 Posts)