YYC Music Is Changing

In the very near future, YYC Music will be undergoing a bit of a makeover. A name makeover.

Usually, when you see an announcement of this nature, it’s preceded by a discussion of how long the old brand had been around, what a grand old lady of connection she was, ex cetera. But of course, YYCMusic.com has only been around since January 2013.

In that short period of time, however, we’ve been hustling to cover a ever-widening selection of the broad and diverse Calgary music scene. We have had opportunities to see and hear and talk to some amazing local talent, be it performers, organizers, venue owners and managers, label reps and music fans. And we’ve enjoyed every second of it.

But a few things have spurred us to consider a wider branding option. We have some great friends in the city of Edmonton who want to join in the fun, and we launched YEGMusic.com in a limited capacity earlier this month. All rivalries aside, we’re thrilled to have the chance to see what Edmonton has to offer, too.

And while the current naming convention is pretty easy to follow – really, it’s airport code + music – we felt as though there was an opportunity for us to expand and go in a more creative direction. There are a lot of really good YYC themed sites out there, and this is our chance to move our sites into their own spotlight.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the age of ear♭en♩er.

Ear♭en♩er is about being totally DTL – down to listen. Whenever, whatever, whoever – we want to cover it. We want to revel in the audio awesomeness that is our community, and engage you in talking about what’s coming out, who’s coming up and what’s going down. We don’t want to review – we’re not experts, just enthusiasts. There’s already enough negativity out there, we want to accentuate the positive. We want to talk about what rocks.

We’re going to be transitioning different elements in the near future – web, Facebook and Twitter – but you can still reach us through the old domains in the meantime and in-between time. If you want to get involved, have a comment about the re-branding, or just wanna tell us what to listen to next, drop us a line or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading, Calgary. We’re stoked to make this move, and we hope you enjoy the new site!

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