Blades of Steel EP Has Great Legs

“In the 1980’s / I would be the freakin’ man” raps Blades of Steel MC Ricca Razor Sharp. Recorded at the Ubu Lounge last year and included on the new release by the group, there’s proof that Ricca, SoLeo, Smokin Jay, Jonny Vincent, Roopert El Toro and Al Caissie are the freakin’ band in 2013, too.

The new Blades of Steel EP is ‘Like a Calf in a Tube Sock’, a five-track release that perfectly balances old school hip hop with strong musical accompaniment in a way that’s both fresh and retro, and all-over fun to listen to.I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the album, and this one is definitely a match for the sunshine that’s finally showing up today.

Track one (403º) says “put this in your boom box,” and they’re not kidding. If you blast this as you take your “brand new shoes” (heh) for a spin in Prince’s Island Park this spring, you will definitely “increase the funk factor”. This is a fun summer song with an old school rhyme style and catchy musican backing.

Track two (Stream of Conciousness) has a softer start, and a slight carribean feel. “Sit back,” they say, “relax, and let the good times roll”. Again, seasonally appropriate and seriously fun, but a more mellow track.

The mellow ends on Track three (Contract), which bangs out with a 70’s-style dectetive show start with an 80’s-ish rap follow-through. This track thumps to a good beat as the band hollers “Hey dude / where’s our contract

Track four is H.E.M.P. which stands for Honourable Ethical Marajuana Professional. “We want marajuana!” they say, and it sounds like Fresh Prince on a green kick. From there, it morphs into a fun, full hip-hop song. If you are so inclined to enjoy wacky weed, this one is a better toker track than Because I Got High. Plus, there’s all that Cancon (“Stephen Harper / maybe you should go relax”.)

The EP ends strong with a live version of Do You In The 80’s. Recorded live in the Ubu Lounge, this one can be summed up as ‘Frankie says relax with some local hip hop’. You can imagine the dance floor really hopping for this one! Fun and retro-funky, this track makes you want to see BOS live.

Which, of course, is totally doable. If you want to hear it for yourself, BOS is throwing an EP Release Party at Local 522 on, appropriately enough, April 20th (4/20). Accompanied by Blist and Rap X and hosted by Iron Lion, the night promises to be a pretty epic party. Tickets are still available online for ten bucks, or you can hope there’s room enough to pay the $15 to get in at the door. Either way, you get a great night of local rap, plus a copy of the new album to take home.

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