The Inaugural Earbender Cup Begins April 30th

bracketYes, it’s closing in on playoff season for the hockey fans in the crowd, but here in Calgary, it looks like we won’t see the post-season. Never fear, there’s another playoff bracket that you can watch – and even better, you get to help determine the winners!

Introducing the Earbender Cup (not a real cup), a chance for Calgary bands to battle it out, hockey-playoff style, in a friendly online competition to see which performer reigns supreme. The sixteen competing bands/acts/performers will be seeded randomly, and each day throughout the NHL playoffs, readers will be asked to choose between two songs. Daily winners earn a “win” for their band, in a best-of-seven series. Winners go on to the next round, until finally, a winner is crowned.

This is purely for fun and bragging rights, and the first sixteen bands to sign up are in the playoffs. We’re hoping for a nice diverse selection of music: metal, folk, rock, orchestral, choir, reggae, country, rap, hip-hop, or anything else. Each participating band has to have at least seven songs or performances available on a shareable platform (self-hosted, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc) so that we can link to the song and let the fans decide their fate. Interested groups, please drop us a line with your name, contact information, Twitter handle, and the links to your songs. Our playoffs begin when the hockey playoffs start – April 30, 2013. Remember, strategy is key here – do you lead with your best four in the hopes of a sweep? Do you keep a sleeper in case of a Game Seven? We’ll give bands the option to change their lineups at the start of each round, subbing in new songs if they like, or shuffling the lineup.

To get in on the fun, check out our Twitter feed for the daily matchups, and follow the links to vote. If you want your “team” to win, be sure to share the links on your social media pages, and load your bandwagon with as many fans as possible! You can also play along with the Twitter hashtag #earbendercup.

The Competitors:

1. Locomotive Ghost: Performing “folk-rock for nerds and lovers”, they are “a collection of musicians, poets, and artists who play guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, banjo, drums, and percussion”.

2. The Lost Lemons: This Calgary band, featuring Daniel San Martin, Chris Sipko, Joshua Marshall and Tim Drisdelle, has been on the scene for almost two years, and they play original reggae rock.

3. Septembryo: “Rock like Incubus. Dance like Daft Punk. Septembryo is an electronic burst of dreamy Alternative Rock fused with Electro-Pop. For music lovers who crave hard hitting rock and yet can’t resist a catchy hook. Septembryo is the guilty pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about.”

4. Calgary Children’s Choir: “A sense of community, fellowship and caring for one another has always been the hallmark of the Calgary Children’s Choir. Maintaining  balance in the development of the child as a musician, performer and responsible citizen is an important part of the Choir’s philosophy.”

5. Spencer Jo and the River Ramble: Spencer Jo has been in and out of punk bands since the age of 16, and the winding road has lead him to his current incarnation as a folk artist with a sociopolitical, sometimes surreal, edge that makes his commentary poignant for anyone who listens.

6. Sequicons: Nicola and Jennifer started playing together in 2010. Their sound is loud, crunchy and likely to make you want to move.  Bare bones distorted bass melodies with hip-hop punk drums and a pretty voice.

7.  Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep: Formed in 2006, their first full length album, Circuit Crooks was released last year. It features Lisa Hunte on drums, piano and organ – the album is dedicated in her memory.

8. Piranhacat: This two-year old band recently completed their debut album. Influenced by the 90’s alternative scene, this duo of jazz drumming and “unique song writing” will leave you with just one question…. What’s a Piranhacat?

9. Juan Ramirez #YYC Aka #YesYouCan: A Calgary based hip-hop musician, originally from Guatemala. Previously known as Don Juan, he’s been “pursuing music” for over ten years.

10. Divinty: Metal band in the midst of creating a three-part epic series of EP’s. Local metal rockers have been on the scene since 1997, they bring a wall of sound that is a blend of thrash, death, classic and progressive metal.

11. Kid Mufasa and Rebecca Janz: New to the hip-hop scene (but not to our readers), they have been described as “a unique and raw talent. With Rebecca’s prodigious voice and Jordan’s incredible flow, these two are said to have a profound love affair with music”. Their debut album is set to be released in July 2013.

12. Jenavive: This indie rock band has been around Calgary for the past three years. The group’s “signature style is sweet yet powerful vocals over a backdrop of genre-blending, pop culture inspired indie rock”.

13. Mc Soprano: Nonso Okpala, aka Mc Soprano is a promising young singer, music producer and songwriter, originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and known for his “smooth and laid back flow”.

14. Lisa Westera: A singer and classically trained pianist, she’s described as a “fusion of classical training and a soulful love of music”. A small-town girl, she enjoys recording and loves being able to share her music with others.

15. Georgia Sound: “Georgia Sound is a duo consisting of Ryan (guitar, vocals) and Shannon (piano, vocals). They met at an open mic and decided to form a group after playing a few songs together. They’ve since recorded and released their EP “One Way Path” which has been getting nation wide attention.”

16. Elbow River: “The group’s musical backgrounds range from country to opera, professional touring musician and living room singer, giving them a relaxed and eclectic feel, and allowing them the freedom to explore wherever their ears take them.”

Thanks to all the bands that signed up; the playoffs begin on April 30th!

Trevor P. (88 Posts)